A Creative Digital Speech Platform

for Entertainment and Media

VivoText's digital speech platform gives content creators complete control over the creation of audiobooks and enhanced ebooks. Publishers can manage the conversion of thousands of titles to audiobooks, complete with audio-sync-to-text and dynamic audio for interactive content, all read with proprietary, branded voices.

Voice Cloning for Branded Content

With as little as ten hours in the studio, VivoText can accurately clone a voice in a way that mimics the prosody, intonation, and style unique to that actor. Licensees and voice owners empowered with the VivoText's speech synthesis platform can create limitless content, with no bottlenecks between content creators and the listeners.

From Music to Speech:
The Story of VivoText

VivoText’s DNA lies in the idea that the human voice is a musical instrument, and its story is that of its founder, Gershon Silbert. An internationally acclaimed concert pianist, Gershon first entered the technology space with Silpor Music, teaching computers to play music with emotion, like humans. The results were musical pieces that even music critics couldn’t believe were synthesized.

He founded VivoText in 2008, applying those same principles to human speech. After years of research and development, VivoText can now clone celebrity voices in as little as one day. Once they’ve been properly calibrated at VivoText, they can be licensed for any application that the actor permits: Audiobooks, voiceovers, mass-communications, and more.

  • Sam, Chairman

    Sam Solomon founded and led U.S.-based litigation consulting firm DOAR until its sale in 2005. He chairs the board of Mobideo Technologies, and sits on the board of a NYSE listed mutual fund.

  • Yossef, CTO

    Dean of the Engineering Department at the Holon Institute of Technology, Dr. Yossef Ben-Ezra has co-authored 9 book chapters, over 50 papers, 8 patents, and is a reviewer for leading international journals.

  • Ben, VP Strategy

    Ben Feibleman, a former VC analyst and Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellow at the U.S. Department of State, holds a Bachelor’s of Political Science from Columbia University, and a Master’s in BAMF studies from the U.S. Marine Corps.

  • Shai, VP R&D

    Shai Nissim is a patent-holding master of algorithm development in the field of image and signal processing. He knows everything about data and speech systems. If you try take him from us: We. Will. Find you.

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